Our Story

Frankie's Story was created with a love of fashion and the communication that we do silently with our threads.

Hadassah Jordan, mother of Frankie, sought to bring some magic back to Children's clothing.

We select both children's and baby clothing with care and deliver only the best girl's and boy's fashion.

We have an understanding for individuality, and therefore texture and design are always considered, and selected for comfort and feel.

Our ethos represents a philosophy and trend of sustainable fashion, as we represent brands that are both transparent and ethical.

We speak for exclusive European brands including Mini Rodini, TAO, Popupshop, Repose, and Wolf & Rita. 

These brands deliver not only style, but the opportunity for children to seek out their individual style.

After a career in Adults fashion, it has given Hadassah a unique perspective to find what is unique and beautiful in fashion and style for children.

With an understanding of colours being for all and a flair to be oneself, Frankie's Story brings the best of designer clothing from all around the world.


Hadassah enjoys to bring a twist or quirk along the way with items found on her journey.


Hadassah Jordan