Notes To My Future Daughter

Notes To My Future Daughter


Catie Gett (naturpath), from The Staple Store, has published this beautiful book for our daughters, ourselves, our mothers and our female friends.


These are notes for women to read to others but most importantly ourselves.

Woven through striking art work these notes will move you: you will laugh, cry and most importantly you will feel hopeful for beautiful and safe future for our daughters.

By the time an intelligent, clever woman leaves her home, she has been exposed to over 165 hundred chemicals.  She has washed in them, cleaned with them, applied them, eaten them, drunk them, sprayed them on and breathed them in. These chemicals are being marketed to very clever, highly educated and extremely discerning women and it’s working.  And it’s working because she doesn’t like patchouli, or camping, or chakra cleanses or nonsense. And when I tell her that antiperspirants contain chemicals toxic to females, it’s not the first time she’s heard it, it’s also not going to be the second time she chooses to ignore it.  So how do I get her to notice, to pay attention and to be aware?  To become educated and informed about her health, despite its counter culture tones?  How do I make her understand that just because something is not widely accepted, that it is in fact scientifically validated and that this lack of education is harmful?  Very recently I figured out how.  It’s simple, you write it for her daughter, then she will listen because she was born to protect her.