Jeremyville at Colette with Inflatable


Colette in Paris recently presented an exhibition and installation by Jeremyville, featuring new screenprints, works on paper, sculptures, inflatables, exclusive brand collaborations, live art, interior design of the colette Water Bar, and a colette mural. These projects are now featured in this 160 page hard cover book 'Jeremyville at colette', published by Broadway & Eternity, New York.  

With an interview with Sarah from colette, and text by Jeremyville and Creative Director Megan Mair, the book uncovers the processes involved in Jeremyville's art and design, and the thinking and rationale behind the work from Studio Jeremyville. It also has an essay by artist Jeremyville on his motivations behind the Jeremyville Community Service Announcements, which form a strong part of the content of this exhibition. Megan Mair also writes about the process of brand collaborations, and her methodology in partnering up with brands to form the retail component of this installation. 

Limited to 1,000 books only, these first 100 are signed and numberedby Jeremyville, and are packed with the new Jethro inflatable character, (16 inches / 40 cm high) that was a feature of the installation at colette. 

hardcover book. 160 pages, full color, case bound. Published by Broadway and Eternity.