Where do I begin?

Where do I begin?

By Hadassah Jordan

Where do I begin?


Wondering to my self where is an appropriate beginning.

My beginning.

My pregnancy.

Meeting Frankie.

It has been a life's journey in progress and singularly having Frankie has shaped me into the woman that I am today.

In life there a defining moments, when reason or logic did not come into the decision making process but rather intuition and knowingness that this is RIGHT.

Having Frankie was the first moment where I knew that having this child was an overriding YES! YES! YES!

This was to be a solo journey and the dream of the partner and child was not to be and my idea of the white knight in shining armour coming for me was put to rest.

I had Frankie and it was going to be Team Mummy and Frankie.

Frankie was patient while I shed the layer of girl to become the mother I am today, with a healthy dose of woman and business owner.

Frankie is my compass and I consult my inner self to always ask if I would want that for Frankie and if the answer is NO, then I let it go.

What a teacher (Frankie), patient in her belief of me to grow and refine my self.

I believe that there are moments, when we are at crucial points in our life and the world presents us with opportunities to grasp and grasp I did.

I believe in synchronicity.

I knew that I no longer was going to be my excuses, but to make it MY STORY.

Each pebble that was on the road, from the life squash to the search for a gift, to the discovery of Mini Rodini in the shop where the deer and fox, were bought and my placing my name on a mailing list, of which I never read any of my emails, to contacting Popupshop immediately to forge a exclusivity in Melbourne, to the birth of Frankie's Story the shop.

Now I sit back and wonder why?

I believe that we all have a story and through our stories we gain, courage, strength and inspiration.

That is simple I am passionate about freedom and children.

I love spaces that are mutual to children and adults.

I love were masculine and feminie can reside.

I love beauty in all its imperfections (wabi sabi)

I love nature.

I love beauty.

I love the beauty of mother nature.

I love life.

I am Hadassah Jordan, mother of Frankie Belle, woman of now and creator of Frankie's Story.