By Hadassah Jordan


 I am having a realization that life is precious in everything we do.

How powerful our words and actions are.

I need to pause to allow things to happen, rather that moving forward.

The beautiful people who have entered my life and the gifts that have given me.

With out a doubt I have not always had the vision to know that I was recieving one.

I know that society right now is moving at a pace that is fast and the only thing that my heart wants to do is be still.

We are bombard to strive and excel and my heart wants to watch the horizon.

I am aware as a mother and business owner that I must spin my plates constantely, but my heart is calling out to breathe and be still in all that is surronding me.

It is apparent to me that I have now entered into a new phase of life, my child has turned 7, I am loving the work that I do and my life is filled with people that delight.

I want to put my vehicle of life in neutral and just cruise.

My arm is out the window and the wind is flowing through my fingers.

I am free.

Summer awaits.

Blossoms fall.

The heavy scent of jasmine fills me.

May we all luxuriate in the bath of our creation.