I am more than just .....

I am more than just .....

By Hadassah Jordan

I am more than just .....

I have had a moment that came like a bolt, the realisation that I am more than my







During this moment that we crystallise these ideas, it gives you a  push to be yourself more than ever.

I am a complex person, with many facets that make up my being.

They say that when a person dies their soul lives on, it is on this premise that I start to comprehend my existence a little more.

I am a being, that has a very large sense of play.

My playfulness, allows me to make decisions that are based on my child (inner child).

This child never makes a decision from a space of fear, but that of love.

I am talking about my highest inner self that guides me.

My naughty child, has tantrums and can get very disruptive to my life.

I feed this inner child with a recognition of existence, another reason I have found myself in the middle of this business that I created.

A business that considers the environment, ethics and the need for children to be represented.

I consider a space for all, children, women and men are to feel a sense of play when they enter.

Join me in finding out who you are more than....