By Hadassah Jordan


It has been a while since I have felt the need to express my thoughts and feelings, 3 years or there about.

The time has come for speaking my truth.

My truth is my passion.

I realised that when I keep my thoughts and feeling bottled inside, I block all that is not verbalised reside within.

My expression is going full tilt this year.

I have come to a place where I know that timing is about not speaking and then there are times where you need to tell people how you feel.

Raising my daughter I never want to tell or teach her to suppress.

Why suppress that you think another person is beautiful and amazing.

You inspire me.

You delight me.

I have been very verbal about the virtues of others, but when it comes to my heart I am guarded and scared of owing my feelings.

Now is the time to stand proud and tall and use my voice for love and kindness.